Brightspace Student User Basics

Helpful videos, quick reference guides, and instructional sheets are available below to help students navigate, access accessibility tools and complete certain tasks within the Brightspace application.

Below is the Brightspace YouTube playlist created specifically for learners.

Click on the image to open the playlist.

Screenshot of Brightspace youtube playlist.

Logging into Comox Valley – SD71 Brightspace

Click on the image below to view full screen.

screenshot of instructions for logging into brightspace

Installing “Brightspace Pulse” Mobile App

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Using OneDrive Mobile as a PDF Scanner

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Brightspace Accessibility Tools

text prediction logo. Black circle with keyboard icon inside.Windows 10 Text Prediction

Adds a toolbar with floating text prediction a live the cursor to help students with spelling or word finding.

How to Enable Text Prediction for a Hardware Keyboard on Windows 10

Watch video below to learn how to “Turn On Text Suggestions In Windows 10”

OrbitNote logo. Blue split circle in black circle.OrbitNote

OrbitNote allows students to transform and interact with documents in a completely different way.

OrbitNote SD71 Resources

Watch video below to learn how to use OrbitNote in Brightspace to complete assignments.

Readspeaker icon blue speaker icon in black circle.ReadSpeaker – Text-to-Speech Application 

ReadSpeaker is a built-in text-speech application right in Brightspace.  Some features are :

  • Read selected text
  • Floating Listen button
  • Customizable User Settings
  • Text mode (screen mode)
  • Downloadable Audio Files
  • Expandable Player

Using ReadSpeaker in Brightspace

Installing the ReadSpeaker Browser Extension

Watch video below to learn how to use ReadpSeaker as a student in Brightspace.