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Frequently Asked Questions

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Go to the home page of SD71.  “comoxvalleyschools.ca”  Click on the “Office 365” link on the top right.

Log in using the @learn71.ca username and password.

Accessing Office 365

Yes.  Access the online version of Office 365 from the SD71 home page “comoxvalleyschools.ca”.

Click on the “download app” link located on the top right of the screen.

Once it’s downloaded, log into the application using the @learn71.ca username and login.

Contact your teacher.  They are able to reset student passwords.

Yes.  This can be done in two ways.

From the school computer -> press CTRL-ALT-DELETE click on “Change Password”.  Enter old password and new password twice.

From Office.com.  Click on Profile Picture (top right) -> View Account.  Select “Password” from the left sidebar.  Enter old password and new password twice.

NOTE:  Password must be minimum 6 characters in length and cannot be one that has been used in the past.

SD71’s library system is accessed through destiny.  This houses the media available at the library as well as any databases (encyclopedias, ebooks).

Accessing Destiny

Accessing Media Libraries for Online Books

Yes.  You can access the wifi with a personal device by selecting the “COMOXSD ” network and logging in with your SD71 credentials (username and password).

Go the to home page of SD71. “comoxvalleyschools.ca”

Click on the “Portal” link at the top right.  Log in using the @learn71.ca username and log in.

Scroll down until you find the orange “Brightspace” button.  Click to open the page.

Select “Login as Student or Teacher”.

Follow the instructions located in the link below.

Accessing the Brightspace Parent Portal

Log into your MyEducation BC account using the credentials provided to you by the school.  The learning update will be located on the “home page” (Pages) on the right hand side under “Published Reports”.  Watch the video below to learn more about how to navigate through the MyEducation BC Parent Portal.

Follow the instructions on the link below.  This will instruct you on how to log in, access documents and view grades and assignments.

MyEd for Parents

Yes.  A playlist has been created that contains these videos.

Click on the link below to access it.

Instructional Videos