Student Learning Tools for an Inclusive and Accessible Classroom

Inclusion picture with icons.An inclusive learning environment, is a setting in which every student, regardless of their diverse abilities, backgrounds, and learning styles, can access, participate in, and benefit from the educational experience.

This approach acknowledges and values the diversity of learners and seeks to make education more equitable, engaging, and effective for everyone.

SD71 provides a number of student learning tools to ensure students have the resources they need to be successful learners.

Scroll down to view the numerous interactive posters that have been created which highlight the key student learning tools used in SD71.  Many of these tools are available for use at home as well.  Scan the QR codes or click on the links to learn more about each tool.

Student Learning Tools for Computers

Student Learning Tools for NIDES

Readspeaker icon blue speaker icon in black circle.ReadSpeaker – Brightspace Text-to-Speech Application 

Using ReadSpeaker in Brightspace Installing the ReadSpeaker Browser Extension

Watch video below to learn how to use ReadpSeaker as a student in Brightspace.

Student Learning Tools for iPad