Early Success Screen Kindergarten-Grade 2

The Early Success addresses Phonological Awareness, Word Recognition, Developmental Spelling and Oral Language Development.

Kindergarten begins on page 43, Grade 1 begins on page 60 and Grade 2 begins on page 84.

Early Success Screen English

French Language Early Success Screen: Kindergarten to Grade 3

Early Success Screen: French


Phonological Awareness

The PAST: Phonological Awareness Screening Test

Additional PAST screens (B,C,D) can be found in David Kilpatrick’s book, Equipped for Reading Success.

Assessment Instructions for the PAST

Phonological Awareness Screening Test (PAST)

Phonics and Word Reading

Phonics and Word Reading surveys identify which reading skills require further instruction.

LETRS Phonics and Word Reading Survey


Instructions for LETRS Spelling Screeners

Basic Spelling Screener (K–2)

Basic Spelling Screener Class Composite Sheet

Advanced Spelling Screener (3+)

Advanced Spelling Screener Class Composite Sheet