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Core Knowledge Foundation

Decodable Student Readers: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

SPELD – Specific Learning Difficulties

West Virginal Phonics:

Three phonics-based passages can be found at the end of each lesson.  The passages focus on the concept being covered.

West Virginia Phonics

Decodable Texts to Download

IMSE: Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

$39.95 US per series

Series 1: 24 books

IMSE Series 1

Series 2: 13 books

IMSE Series 2

Series 3: 17 books

IMSE Series 3

Reading A-Z

Purchase a membership to Reading A-Z to access decodable books

Reading A-Z


Decodable Text: Trade Books

Meg and Greg 1-3: A hybrid of graphic novel and quick read text written by BC author/illustrators Rae and Gutierrez.  Each story focuses on a specific phonics concept with 4 concepts per book.  Orca Books $14.95.

Digital Class set and license available for Frank and the Skunk.

Meg and Greg Books: Orca

Little Learners Love Literacy Pip and Tim Series

Decodable texts from Australia. There are 5 books per stage with 7 stages in the series. Books can be purchased in series and as class sets. Be prepared for high shipping costs. These books are also available on apps.

Pip and Tim

Heggerty Decodable Texts: Coming Soon

Decodable Texts Printed at the Print Shop

IMSE decodable readers

Coloured cover and black and white pages on a RISO printer

$1.10 per copy with proof of  purchase of the download

Core Knowledge Foundation readers

Coil bound in color on a RISO printer

$5-8 per reader

Reading A-Z

Color copies on RISO printer.  Books range from $1.5–$2.50 per book (depending on length)

Complete set: $81    Set with 6 copies of each book: $486    Set with 8 copies of each book: $6.48

Decodable Texts: Apps

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