The following lessons are designed for teaching phonics through spelling for students in grades 4-7.  These lessons are currently being field tested within our district. Lessons still in the testing and review stage will be indicated in red after the description of the lesson.


The order of these lessons provides a logical progression where later concepts are build on previously taught concepts.  Please check the “Prerequisite Skills”  before proceeding with a new lesson.


Open and Closed Syllables

Open and Closed syllables

A closed syllable is a one syllable word or word part with a short vowel followed by at least one consonant.  Ramp, struct, tract

An open syllable is a one syllable word or word part ending in one long vowel. He, my, tri, re

A solid understanding of Open and Closed Syllables helps students break down and decode multisyllable words.

This lesson is currently being field tested.

Open and Closed Syllables for Spelling