Phoneme-Grapheme Spelling


  • Phoneme-grapheme grids for each students Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping Grid
  • Large Phoneme-grapheme erasable chart for teacher (available from the Print Shop)
  • Word list of lesson related words


  1. Select appropriate words for students to spell using the phoneme-grapheme spelling grids.
  2. Count the number of sounds in the word and underline the appropriate number of boxes.
  3. Focusing on each sound, say the sound and have students write the appropriate letter or letters on the grid.  Model this activity on the board using the large phoneme-grapheme chart.
  4. Have students review their words, counting that they have the correct number of  sounds represented and checking that they match what the teacher has written.

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Creating a Classroom Visual for Open and Closed Syllables

Create a visual for students by taping word parts to the door and door frame of your classroom.  When the door is open, the syllable is open and when the door is closed, the syllable is closed.

The color coding in the example below is visually helpful when words are placed close together.

Carefully choose the words that you use for this activity.  It is most helpful for students if the open syllable is a word and follows the phonics rules. For example, the picture below shows the words to and top.  “To” is a shwa and is not pronounced with a long o. Many students will find this more confusing than helpful, therefore top should be eliminated from the list.


Soldier Rule Bitsboard activities.  Search SD71 on Bitsboard to access all three boards.