The ability to read text quickly, accurately and with proper expression.

There are many engaging way to practice fluency within the classroom setting.  Activities can include:

  • Poetry recitation and Flash Mob Poetry
  • Choral reading, paired reading and repeated reading
  • Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) activities and games
  • Reader’s Theatre
  • Phrase Reading
  • Reading to younger students


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In addition to sentence and passage reading, phrase reading in a great way to build fluency skills.

Edward Fry’s list of phrases incorporates the first 600 words in the Fry word lists.

Edward Fry List Phrases

Reader’s Theatre

Reader’s Theatre is a great way to build fluency and prosody skills.

The following sites provide a variety of free, downloadable Reader’s Theatre scripts:

Teaching Heart RT Scripts

The Best Class RT Scripts

Scripts can also be found in a variety of books and on Reading A-Z.

Florida Center for Reading Research

Reader's Theatre