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Collection of Databases in both English and French. Many Tip Sheets to support students with Text to Speech and Vision/ Processing tools  Text to Speech Options for Databases

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 Collection of learning materials in digital alternate formats.

Registration is free for BC educators.

ARC BC Resources

ARCBC Training Resources 

ARCBC Fundamentals Webinar – March 2022

ARCBC in your Classroom Webinar – March 2022

District support:

District Partner Jane.Rondow@sd71.bc.ca

Learning Support Teacher or Teacher Librarian

Email Luisa.Pereira@sd71.bc.ca to download the book(s) you need for students with perceptual disabilities.

Ebook Websites

List of Ebooks EBooks and digital reading options with QR codes – Sept 2023 with QR Code access 

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Unite For Literacy ​
This is a free​ wonderful collection of narrated picture books, both fiction and non-fiction.​​ 


Online ebook collection with both non fiction, fiction and read aloud options. Free Subscription for Teachers. 

Tar Heel Reader

 A collection of simple picture books created by the community. These books have built in narration. ​​They can be customized for students who need high contract options. The collection has novels rewritten at a lower reading level. 

Tar Heel Shared Reader​

Tar Heel Reader Books with a bar at the bottom with  picture symbols to support commenting using Core Vocabulary. 

Simbi Library

Web-based books to read aloud with human authors, tracking, font choices, record our voice and share. Many types Decodables, Fluency, Levels…


District eBooks subscription site. Can access through your school Library site. Talk to your Teacher Librarian in your school. Read Along Titles and audio books available .

School library online –

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Sora Online Tutorial

Sora Tip Sheets

Symbol World

Symbol World

Symbolated text for current events, science content, sports and more.

Symbol Stories as videos

Video stories with symbols for key words.

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Story Time from Space

Books read by astronauts in space. 

Levelled Reading  and Decodable Book Resources available at the LRC

LRC has a Decodable Book collection and a Levelled Reader collection.  You can find Levelled Readers conversion charts at this link: LRC Reading Resources – Learn71

To access a quick list of all of our Decodable and Levelled Readers, log into your school library, click on Catalog, then Resources then scroll down and click on:


High Interest Low Vocab Websites

List of Digital Reading Websites with QR Code access EBooks and digital reading options with QR codes – Jan 2021

Dogo News (website)

Free collection of articles for kids on current events, science, sports, and more! There are also lots of stories, pictures, videos, and games.

Wonderopolis (websites )

Inquiry question responses with text, videos, vocabulary. Accessible using Immersive Reader supports when you click Listen. 

Read Works

Read Works

Read Works is a collection of passages and comprehension questions at various levels in numerous subject areas. FREE

West Coast Reader

The collection of free articles in the Westcoast Reader are labelled with Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 book icons. The levels are comparable to Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 2 to 6.

Online and print based Newspaper for a minimal cost.

Sports Illustrated Kids (website)

Sports articles for kids.


CK-12  K 12 Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to improving student learning by providing access to FREE, high quality learning materials. Flex books, simulations, interactives and more are provided for a variety of subjects. 

SQWORL Collections (Visual website set up)

SQWORL Collection of  Ebooks &​ E-Text 
Collection of Ebooks and EText sites and apps for computers or iPads.​

SQWORL of High Interest Low Vocab​ 

Collection of High Interest Low Vocab websites that can be used on computers, iPads, smartboards or as whole class tools.

SQWORL of UDL Novel Studies tools

Collection of websites and tools to support UDL (Universal Design for Learning) when doing Novel Studies.