Soldier Rule

Introducing The Soldier Rule


Introducing the ck soldier Rule

When you hear /k/, spell it ck if

  • the /k/ follows a short vowel
  • the /k/ is at the end of a 1 syllable word (sick, snack, deck, lock, duck
  • c is the silent soldier that protects the short vowel sound from the k

Prerequisite Skills:

  • Student can identify a syllable
  • Student can identify a short vowel


  • Phoneme-grapheme spelling sheets
  • Letter tiles
  • Soldier tiles
  • Large letter if having students model the words

Guided practice:

Model on the board using letter tiles the following:

Bullies: k, ch, ge

Cry babies: short vowels

Soldiers: c, t, d

Use the little soldiers from OG booklet in place of the letters d, t, c


Sample words:       lunch, pink, snatch, luck, truck, trunk, peach

This activity could be done with students and large letters



Spell these words:  stick, sack, truck, block, rock, sock, duck, tack, black


Independent practice:

Word sort – Orton Gillingham

Decodable texts: SPIRE and West Virginia Phonics




Prerequisite Skills




Word Lists


pack trick lick rock truck
peck lack stock rack mock
pick luck shock stuck Nick
pock puck shack Rick clock


Phonemic Awareness Activity



Guided Practice:


Independent Practice

Practice Texts

West Virginia Phonics


Mack the Cat

Mack is my big black cat. My son, Jack, likes my black cat.  Jack likes to pack rocks in his back pack for Mack to lick.  Mack likes to lick the rocks.  Mack sits on the back deck and licks the rocks.  Mack licked so many rocks he got sick.  Mack got sick from the rocks and it made Jack sad.

The Pet Duck

Mack got to pick a pet for his son Jack.  Mack picked a pet duck.  Buck, the duck, liked to peck Jack and Mack.  Jack did not like Buck to peck him.  Buck pecked so much that Mack locked him up in his truck.  Mack got rid of Buck and picked a new duck to be Jack’s pet.

The Tack

Nick was at the dock and saw a tack stuck in his sock.  Nick had to kick the tack out of his sock at the dock.  Nick had good luck, but his dog Rick did not.  The tack stuck Rick in the neck.  Rick ran around the dock to get the tack out of his neck.  Nick was able to pull the tack out of Rick’s neck.  It fell on the dock by his leg.  Nick kicked the tack off the dock and it fell in the pond.


Phrases OG:

in the truck

the gray clock
a stray duck

on the rack

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West Viriginia Phonics