Phonics Progressions

Please use the phonics progression or scope and sequence for the program that you are using.  The following is a typical phonics progression:

Grade 1

Letters and sounds

CVC words (consonant/vowel/consonant)

Blends and Digraphs

  • Consonant blends and consonant digraphs
  • Complex vowels – long vowels, silent e

Grade 2

Complex Vowels:

  • Predictable vowel teams
  • Unpredictable vowel teams
  • Vowel controlled r

Complex Consonants

  • Trigraphs
  • Silent letters
  • Hard/soft c and g

Grade 3

Multisyllable words

  • Syllable types:
    • Closed
    • Silent e
    • Open
    • vowlel team
    • consonant-le
    • vowel-r
  • Syllable division rules




Soldier Rule

Soldier Rule

The Floss Rule

The Floss Rule guides students in when to double the f, l, s or z at the end of a word.

The Floss Rule

Hard and Soft C and G

Hard and Soft C

Doubling The Final Consonant Before a Suffix

When do you double the final consonant before adding a suffix? There are patterns and rules that will support students with this decision.



Silent Letters

Y makes a long i or e sound