onedrive icon blue cloud  Grade 4 Digital Literacy – OneDrive File Management

Key Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate how to use OneDrive, to store, organize, access, and share files and folders online as well as the desktop application.
  • How to access OneDrive files from home using -> Office 365.

Grade 4 Tech Skills

  • Login to access my cloud accounts from anywhere.
  • Understand how cloud computing is different from using software applications.
  • Create, name, save, edit, copy and rename files and folders to organize documents and materials.
  • Understand where files are being saved.
  • Delete files and folders; recover deleted files and folders; empty trash.
  • Upload/download/retrieve files to and from the cloud.
  • Associate document extensions with appropriate file types.
  • Use search tools to locate files and applications.

cartoon style image for onedrive file management

Steps to Complete

Part One:  Exploring OneDrive
(45 minutes)

icon for list clipboard with checkmarks

  1.  Introduction to OneDrive – Definition of Cloud storage.
  2. Navigating OneDrive
  3. OneDrive – Ask Your Teacher a Question Activity

Part Two:  OneDrive Scavenger Hunt
(30-45 minutes)

  1. Complete the OneDrive scavenger hunt individually, in partners or as a whole class.