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Ministry Criteria for visual impairment 

Expanded Core Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairment/Blindness (ECC); blurb: link to PRCVI ECC resources 

Link to PRCVI catalogue – public search 

low vision strategies 

technology tip sheets for access e.g. visual enhancement settings on the iPad; TEAMS screen sharing; PixPro; GoTalk No video programming; keystroke shortcuts for screen enhancement 

CVI: 10 Characteristics; GoTalk Now CVI Resources video checklist … 

Colour Vision Deficiency: blurb on incidence, challenges, etc.; link to website 

Orientation and mobility (O&M):  

TSBVI Independent Living Skills checklist 


List of resources: e.g. books/website links to various eye conditions e.g. oculocutaneous albinism; autism and visual impairment; Paths to Literacy;  


Boardmaker – CVI (high contrast) Symbols 


High contrast keyboards 

  • BT 

iPad specification recommendations 

  • 12.9” 
  • 128 Gb 
  • Anti-glare screen protector 

iPad cases: 

  • Otterbox Defender 

iPad stands: 

  • JustStand 

Technology providers: 

  • Canadian Assistive Technology