Strategies for Supporting Reading at Home

  • Read to your children.
  • Have your children read the books that have been recommended by their teacher or sent home from school.
  • Discuss the books that you read together. Ask questions such as, “What happened in the story?” or “Why do you think the character acted the way they did?”
  • Have conversations with your children. Encourage them to answer in complete sentences and organize their thoughts.


This short video (3 minute) shares how you can explore a book with your child, before you even start to read!

Introducing a Book

A pediatrician shares tips on reading to children (2 minute video).

Tips on Reading to Children

This web page contains information and links for supporting reading at home!

Ideas for Literacy at Home

If you are interested in digging deeper into the world of reading, this is the link for you!  An extensive list of sites and tools to explore.

Additional Resources

Reading Activities

Authors and “famous people” reading books to you and your children.

Read Aloud Websites

A wealth of digital book sources.

Digital Books

Explore word creation with an interactive letter tile board.  Create words by moving tiles, changing the endings and/or the beginnings of words, or working with word families.

letter tiles logo 4 square rid with R, G, R and a key in them blue and whiteLetter Tiles

These short little videos (2-3 minutes) show students how to learn those troublesome words that can’t be sounded out.

letter tiles logo 4 square rid with R, G, R and a key in them blue and whiteTricky Words Videos

Apps and Games

Free Games and Apps

Teach Your Monster to Read is full of delightful activities that guide children from the introduction of letters and sounds to reading full sentences.

green head of a monster with bif teeth and yellow eyes and fins, clouds in the sky in the backgroundTeach Your Monster to Read

As your child journeys through imaginary worlds, they will engage in activities that strengthen phonics knowledge and reading comprehension. Lalilo is compatible with desktops, iPads and tablets. Its target audience is Kindergarten to Grade 2.

lalio logo monster with one big eyeLalilo

Games and Apps With a Cost

This academically researched 3D learning app contains an assortment of 3D Phonics games. GraphoGame is designed for students ages 4-9.

grapho game logoGrapho Game