Read&Write for Windows version 12 (Installed)

File Types Supported:

PDF, Word, any scanned or emailed document


  • ​Installed on all computers in SD71
  • Available for home and BYOD (Windows) computers
  • Software Tool Bar with the following supports 
    • Spell Check​​
    • Word prediction
    • Dictionary (with Text -to-Speech)
    • Picture Dictionary
    • Text to Speech
    • Screenshot Reader
    • Scan Tool
    • Screen Masking
    • PDF Reader
    • 4 Highlighters 
    • ​​Collect Highlights​​
    • ​Vocabulary Builder 

Tip Sheets:

Read&Write for Windows v12 PDF Reader




          Scan a PDF for reading using Read&Write for Windows

Text Helps Read&Write for Windows – Course 


There is a series of 21 videos for every feature in Read&Write for Windows from Text Help (makers of Read&Write)

This video link below will play all 21 videos in a row or you can click this link and then access each video individually on the left hand side.

Using the Scan Tools in Read&Write for Windows to make an accessible PDF

Using Read&Write for Windows at home or on BYOD devices with SD71 account:

To download Read&Write version 12 software for BYOD computers click HERE 
once on the website click the button that says
Get Your Free 30 Day Trial
Then click Windows and Try Now
The software will install.

Once it has installed click on sign in with Microsoft then enter your SD71 email account


Install guide