Immersive Reader and Read Aloud in (Microsoft) Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Browser icon green and blue e swirl

  • Open the Edge Browser, navigate to a website with text. If the website can be accessed with Immersive Reader the icon Immersive Reader icon open book with a speaker will show up in the Address Bar:
    URL bar with URL in it and the Immersive Reader icon (open book with a speaker icon) circled in red
  • ​​​Click on the Immersive Reader icon and the text will be brought into a focused window reading mode with many accessibility tools like Read Aloud, Text Preferences, Grammar tools and Reading Preferences.
  • If the Immersive Reader icon doesn’t show up, click and drag over the text you would like brought into the Immersive Reader mode, right click the selected text, and click Open selection in Immersive Reader.

menu for edge browser selected Open Section in Immersive Reader

  • To access the Read Aloud ​option on a website in Edge, select text by clicking and dragging then right click to access the Edge menu
  • Select Read aloud selection
  • Once selected the Read Aloud tools will show up and the top of the Read Aloud plaback arrow icon play icon forward arrow icon, voice options


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