Sceenshot Reader Extension   Screenshot Reader Extension icon - purple bird icon        Screenshot Reader Tool icon from Read&Write Toolbar - dashed square with and arrow pointing in the middle

Chrome and Edge Browser  chrome icon circle with 3 colours (green, red and yellow around) and a blue dot in the middle

screenshot reader screenshot icon with set up.

screenshot reader video play icon

screenshot reader information icon


  • Select inaccessible text and the tool runs the text through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to it can be read out loud
  • Works in French and English and other languages
  • Works on websites, applications like Brightspace, Canva, Office 365 products
  • Will work as a stand alone extension or within the Read&Write Toolbar
  • Installed on all SD71 computers (login with Microsoft log in)
    • student#@learn71 and password
    • district staff email and password

Tip Sheets

Screenshot Reader Extension Tip Sheet


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SETBC Read&Write Resources – Module 7 Text to Speech has Resources on the Screenshot Reader

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