Immersive Reader in Office 365 (Online) – Word, OneNote, Outlook

    • All staff and students have access to Office 365 on computers and mobile devices online, through the portal  (Utilities Link> Office 365)
    • Open a Word or OneNote document and select Edit Document> Edit in Browser > View tab > Immersive Reader
    • Text to Speech with word tracking. Voice, speed and language may be changed
    • Immersive Reader detects language and changes Text to Speech and Picture Dictionary options based on the language used
    • If language isn’t detected select some text and right click > set proofing language> choose language e.g. French
    • Text size, fonts, spacing and themes may be changed
    • Parts of Speech and syllables may be selected to help with   Comprehension and Decoding
    • Reading Preferences offer line focus, picture dictionary with spoken word, translation to other languages


Word Online Immersive Reader Options

 Using Immersive Reader in French Office 365 Word Feb 2023

Immersive Reader with Word Online in Office 365

Immersive_Reader_with_Word_Online_in_Office_365 SETBC and SD71

Using Immersive Reader in French Office 365 Word


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