Bitsboard app for iPad


iOS iPad app that provides different interactive activities/ games on 1000s of pre-created themes or topics. These can be downloaded as individual boards or classes. With the Pro version educators create their own content (in minutes) and upload it so learners can use the free version to engage with the content using the many activities.


  • 38 different interactive activities/ games
  • pre-created boards and classes on 1000 of themes
  • customized creation of boards in minutes
  • share boards online
  • multiple languages including French (create own content in different languages)
  • image and media banks linked directly for quick board creation

Tip Sheets:

Tutorial Bitsboard Flashcards Pro (SETBC)

Bitsboard SD71 Created Resources

SD71 -This is How We Teacher Reading  created materials can be found under the +, view   catalogue, search for SD71


Bitsboard website

Bitsboard Free iOS iPad download

Bitsboard PRO iOS iPad download

Bitsboard Free vs Pro

Bitsboard activities/ games  (click on game image to learn more)

User guides (right hand side)

Accessibility within Bitsboard

Add videos to Bitsboard


Bitsboard Overview

Bitsboard How to Video Collection