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Read&Write iPad App

Free iOS iPad app with a subscription. SD71 has a district subscription for Read&Write. Provides reading support in Safari and a keyboard add on with Word Prediction, Dictionary, Speech to Text and Text to Speech support.

App for iOS iPad

read and write image cover

Read and Write ios video cover image

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  • Set up on all SD71 District iPads
  • Needs to be manually configured to work (see tip sheet below). To get the code contact or  It doesn’t work from the Read&Write app icon. The Read&Write app icon is just the settings.
  • ​​Use as a Web toolbar in Safari 
  • ​Installed as a keyboard option to use in any app
    • word prediction
    • speech to text
    • text to speech
    • dictionary
    • picture dictionary
    • Open Dyslexic font option


Read&Write for iPad- Keyboard

Read&Write for iPad Web Toolbar in Safari

To get the serial # for the Read&Write app to install on BYOD or Home devices please contact or

Install video