Read&Write iPad App

Free iOS iPad app with a subscription. SD71 has a district subscription for Read&Write. Provides reading support in Safari and a keyboard add on with Word Prediction, Dictionary, Speech to Text and Text to Speech support.

App for iOS iPad


  • Set up on all SD71 District iPads
  • Needs to be manually configured to work (see tip sheet below). To get the code contact or  It doesn’t work from the Read&Write app icon. The Read&Write app icon is just the settings.
  • ​​Use as a Web toolbar in Safari 
  • ​Installed as a keyboard option to use in any app
    • word prediction
    • speech to text
    • text to speech
    • dictionary
    • picture dictionary
    • Open Dyslexic font option


Read&Write-ipad- User guide


Read&Write app on iTunes 

Read&Write app Resources 

How to use Read&Write on the iPad

How to access Read&Write for iPad Safari web toolbar


Read&Write for iPad Keyboard

Read&Write for iPad Web Toolbar in Safari

To get the serial # for the Read&Write app to install on BYOD or Home devices please contact or

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