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Indigenous Education – SD71

A collection of locally made seasonal videos and curated lessons on seasonal rounds by our SD71- Indigenous Education Department. 

A Warm Winter Tail

Over and Under the Snow

The Story of Snow

Under the Snow

What is the weather?

Consider monitoring the weather for a week (or more) with your class.  

What is the weather going to be like for your outdoor activities for the week, or your field trip.

Reviewing weather pages are examples of real world literacy and numeracy application, and basic risk assessment and risk management tools.

Glacier Park- Winter Ecology Teachers Resource

A guide for all things winter.  Filled with ready to use lessons and black line masters to help you best prepare for your winter adventures.

Lessons include:

  • Over wintering insects
  • What causes winter?
  • Surviving winter in the wild.
  • Hibernate – Migrate – Resist
  • Snow Characteristics
  • Snow density