Outdoor Environmental Learning can look like…..

Primary Grades

  • outdoor play
  • outdoor exploration
  • caring for animals
  • growing gardens
  • recycling
  • composting
  • litter-less lunches
  • stories about powerful places
  • First Nations stories of place
  • Intro. to environmental inquiry

Intermediate Grades

  • Intro. to extended outdoor pursuits
  • Leadership in school caring for animals & habitat
  • More complex environmental inquiry
  • Citizen Science
  • Leadership in the school garden use
  • Intro. to environmental justice issues

Secondary Grades

  • Extended outdoor pursuits
  • Citizen science in their larger community
  • Involvement in local habitat protection
  • Deeper understanding of environmental justice issues
  • Active participation in community consultation
  • Critical thinking on controversial issues
  • Leadership in school & community gardens
  • Creation of personal stories of powerful places 

Climate Solutions 

Climate Education

Outdoor Learning

Plants & Animals

Snow & Winter

Gardens & Food Literacy


Ocean Health


Waste Reduction


Community Connections & Sustainability

Camping & Outdoor Recreation

EOL Pro-D Opportunities & Resources

Youth Opportunities

French Resources

resources for rethinking logo - Google Търсене | Sustainability education, Professional development for teachers, Environmental educationResources for Rethinking provides immediate access to more than 1000 quality classroom resources. It connects teachers to lesson plans, books, videos and other materials that explore the environmental, social and economic dimensions of important issues and events unfolding in our world today. This resources has been reviewed by experienced classroom teachers and matched to relevant curriculum outcomes for each province and territory.  Use the search engine to find resources and read the reviews.  Most of these materials can be downloaded immediately. 

Learning for a Sustainable Future

LSF is a Canadian charity that has been working for over 30 years to integrate sustainability education into Canada’s school system.

An extensive collection of Canadian sourced resources from the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network.   Lesson resources, curriculum resources and publications all around Environmental and Outdoor learning can be found on this page. 
The Resource Hub is your one-stop tool for finding new resources, programs, professional development, and grants to support environmental and energy education in your classroom in keeping with the 2019 K-12 Environmental Education Guidelines for Excellence, published by the North American Association for Environmental Education.

Be The Change Earth Alliance is a Vancouver-based charitable organization that empowers individual and collective change for a resilient, just, connected, and sustainable world. We provide interactive educational programming that engages citizens in understanding their role in fostering global sustainability solutions. 

Be The Change Earth Alliance currently fulfills our mandate through providing                                   

(FREE 2019/20) curriculum resources, professional development and capacity building opportunities for teachers and students, and environmental education services to schools, school districts, and municipalities.​   

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