3 Trillion Trees

Nature-based solutions in the fight against climate change | Thomas Crowther

UN Sustainability Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

Planning Placemat Learning Through Action

Reflection Learning in Action Projects 


Action Project Examples

SD71-LRC Resources – UN Sustainability Goals

ADST Careers Kits-reflecting SDG’s

Mason Bee House

Pollinator Box’s

Looming and Donating

Water Filtration

Bird Feeders

Image result for project drawdown logoThe Worlds leading resource for Climate Solutions

Project Drawdown is a global research organization that identifies, reviews, and analyzes the most viable solutions to climate change, and shares these findings with the world.

Eco-Challenge – Project Drawdown

Climate Solutions Table

Consider how you can take a solutions based approach to Climate change utilizing this amazing resource.

Elin Kelsey & Co.

An argument for 'evidence-based hope' to help fight the environmental crisis | CBC RadioHope Matters: Why Changing the Way We Think Is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis: Kelsey, Elin: 9781771647779: Books - Amazon.ca

Dr. Elin Kelsey

Many of our students and staff are feeling overwhelmed, demoralized and hopeless in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, social injustice and inequity, wildfires and a host of other critical issues. On Dr. Elin Kelsey’s website she shares how to bring a solutions orientation approach to teaching about these issues and an array of resources to support this practice. 

If you have participated in any of Elin’s workshops this is a great place to start and re-connect with hope and optimism for our future. 

Click HERE for Previous SD71 session recordings 


Ep:7Leading Research, and Hope: Elin Kelsey & Ellen Fields

Johnny Magdaleno | Writer and Freelance Reporter

Solutions Story Tracker®The Solutions Story Tracker® is a curated database of rigorous reporting on responses to social problems. We collect and tag every story, providing you with the ability to find coverage of effective or promising ideas and approaches— by issue, location, journalist, and success factor (strategic insights that emerge as patterns).

Educators Collection

COP26: Our Climate Our Future

A detailed kit of lessons to support Climate Action and engage students around the COP26-meeting. Included within this pack are all the resources you will need to introduce and reinforce the significance of climate change, COP26 and the role of schools in shaping the future, with customized age-appropriate resources provided for different age groups from 7-16. 

Full kits available for:

  • Ages 5-7
  • Ages 7-9
  • Ages 9-11
  • Ages 11+

Existential Tool Kit- For the Climate Crises

With feelings of climate anxiety and eco-grief on the rise, educators across disciplines need resources to help students develop the emotional resilience to stay engaged in the work of climate justice. This toolkit helps educators and students navigate the long emergency ahead without becoming overwhelmed by despair. The resources in this project have been crowdsourced from an international community of scholars, educators, and climate justice leaders focused on addressing the emotional impact of climate disruption.


The Eco Justice site offers real life examples of ecological victories.  Use as a resources for students to investigate what is already happening around the world to support Climate Action and a more sustainable future.  

BBC World Service - People Fixing the World

Brilliant Solutions To The World’s Problems

This BBC World Service podcast features brilliant solutions to the world’s problems and investigates whether they work.

Climate Connection

This is a Manitoba based site that covers various topics sounding clime change.  Click the image to go directly to the solutions focused page.  

Topics covered include:

Earth Optimism Summit: Logo | Smithsonian Institution

Earth Optimism

This ten-part series is the result of a partnership between the Smithsonian Institution’s Earth Optimism Initiative, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia and the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta.

Atlas of the Future on BehanceFixing the future (Barcelona edition)

Atlas of the future would like to democratize the future: to raise the profiles of the people and projects working to create a better world. Everyone should be able to understand and engage in the topics that affect us all.

You can journey through the Atlas projects by topic or theme, country or city – or simply enjoy getting lost.

The Beacon


Climate, sustainability, and social justice are the most important stories on the … well, on the planet right now. The stakes are high. And it’s easy to despair when denial, delay, and doom dominate the headlines.

At Grist, they find reasons for hope and optimism every day — while also irritating and shaming those who stand in the way of progress. Our independent, nonprofit newsroom pursues in-depth stories on under-covered topics like clean energysustainable foodlivable citiesenvironmental justice, and a better economy. We elevate solutions, expose inequity, and give our readers the context, knowledge, and tools to make a difference.

Don’t freak out. Figure it out!

Seeds of Good Anthropocenes Logo

Seeds of Good Anthropocene’s aims to help the global community develop inspirational visions and stories, with the potential to be key components of transformations to sustainability, helping to shape the very reality that they forecast. We do this by looking to the emergence of new thinking, innovative ways of living, and different means to connect people and nature that already exist.

washington-post-logo - CERF+The Washington Post- Climate Solutions

A collection of articles highlight some of our climate issues from a solutions based approach.

Mangroves | Smithsonian OceanIMAGES OF OCEAN OPTIMISM

It is easy to feel hopeless when reading the news coverage of ocean conservation. This image gallery reveals some of the successful conservation stories.

Image result for What on Earth CBC logoCBC’s What on Earth?​

Hey there Earthlings, welcome to our weekly newsletter on all things environmental, where we highlight trends and solutions that are moving us tow

Treepedia, el inventario cartográfico de árboles - Gis&BeersTreepedia

As cities around the world race to implement green canopy strategies, we’ve developed a metric—the Green View Index—by which to evaluate and compare canopy cover. In collaboration with the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Cities and the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community, we will continue to grow this database to span cities all over the globe. Click the image to explore the green canopy tool.

Climate Ambassador Card — Climate Museum

The Climate Museum

Be a climate ambassador! The credit card-sized cards to fit in your wallet so that wherever you are, and whoever you are with, you feel confident to begin—and sustain—climate conversations. This is a tool to help break the climate silences that exist in all of our lives and to inspire further civic action support to address the climate crisis.

Master these conversational tools while addressing the Climate Crisis:

  • it’s real
  • experts agree
  • it’s us
  • it’s bad
  • it’s not too late  

conservation success stories, ecosystemWhen nature is eroding and ecosystems are coming under increasing stress, it can seem like the only reaction is despair: However, there are also inspiring conservation success stories from 2019

Quick Start Guide to Having Productive Conversations on Climate Change | Climate InterpreterHow To Talk To People About Sustainability & The Climate Emergency

Check out this website for some tips on how to spark up conversations around climate change without it turning into a heated and uncomfortable debate.