Climate ChangersThe Climate Changers Podcast 

Host Paul Gehres chats with climate and sustainability experts from the UK, Europe, and the rest of the globe. 

“The show aims to shift focus from climate change to the ‘Climate Changers’ – the people doing important sustainability work & those with valuable advice on how we can live more sustainably.”

Trending - Renewable Energy Archives - BetterWorldSolutions - The  NetherlandsBetterWorldSolutions - The NetherlandsLiving in a green city keeps you healthy. The urban economy, the health of the people, green cities use renewable energy and save energy or water storage.

On this page, there is a collection of  a lot of ‘green’ healthy infra structural solutions which aren’t expensive.

Consider using these ideas for platforms to further research. 

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A collection of articles highlight some of our climate issues from a solutions based approach.

Mangroves | Smithsonian OceanIMAGES OF OCEAN OPTIMISM

It is easy to feel hopeless when reading the news coverage of ocean conservation. This image gallery reveals some of the successful conservation stories.

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Hey there Earthlings, welcome to our weekly newsletter on all things environmental, where we highlight trends and solutions that are moving us tow

Climate Ambassador Card — Climate Museum

The Climate Museum

Be a climate ambassador! The credit card-sized cards to fit in your wallet so that wherever you are, and whoever you are with, you feel confident to begin—and sustain—climate conversations. This is a tool to help break the climate silences that exist in all of our lives and to inspire further civic action support to address the climate crisis.

Master these conversational tools while addressing the Climate Crisis:

  • it’s real
  • experts agree
  • it’s us
  • it’s bad
  • it’s not too late  

conservation success stories, ecosystemWhen nature is eroding and ecosystems are coming under increasing stress, it can seem like the only reaction is despair: However, there are also inspiring conservation success stories from 2019