New This Year

Live it Earth – Is a new STEM resource that we will have until the end of 2025. This fabulous program will blow you away! It is available in French and English, contains resources that are directly linked to the Big Ideas of our BC Curriculum and new programs come out each month. This site contains full Science units with an Inquiry Guide. Challenges, Assessment and embedded Indigenous perspectives.

To sign up, please click here to get the instructions for you to join and for your class.


Canoe Kids
This indigenous publication is focused on authentic indigenous voices discussing Cultural Rights, Human Rights Environmental Rights and Equity.”

A wonderful collection of narrated picture books, both fiction and non-fiction.

This database is just about books. Find the p​​erfect book to fit your interests and reading level.

Find the perfect book to fit your interests and reading level.

Venture into science, nature, archaeology, space and more. Browse magazines by cover.​

Indigenous Education

Canoe Kids
This indigenous publication is focused on authentic indigenous voices discussing Cultural Rights, Human Rights Environmental Rights and Equity.”

Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada
Find “Truth and Reconciliation”, “First Nations”, “Inuit” and “Metis” free in French and English. These four beautiful books offer amazing pictures, information, a glossary of indigenous terms and more.

Media Smarts - Aboriginal People

This section presents issues specific to Indigenous people in Canada including challenges that they face and crimes against them.

This is also available in French-click here to open the page in French


Find Books to have Read, Nursery Rhymes, Songs, videos and more (Gr. K-2)

Easy for kids to navigate through​ with easy to read articles and thousands of pictures.​​ (Gr. 3-9)

Articles from World Book, plus thousands of additional articles, learning resources, and research tools. Also in French. (Gr. 3-9)

Encyclopedia, multimedia, online books, and primary source databases.​

Find engaging content and tools to draw students into the curriculum related topics and subjects. (Gr. 5-9)

Hundreds of pre-generated timelines across eight broad topics​. (Gr. 3-9)

Encyclopedia of British Columbia, with a focus on K to 8 Science content and Grade 4 to 12 Social Studies.


Here you can choose which databases that you would like to search.

Find full text popular children’s magazines, encyclopedia entries and a large collection of images.

Resources on health topics (includes evidence-based reports, encyclopedia & reference books, fact sheets & pamphlets, news, drug & herb information, images and diagrams, and videos & animations)

This environment and climate change portal provides access to a variety of powerful resources addressing these important issues.

Canada in Context

Find articles with Canadian content.

Search for resources here. Try Topic Finder to help you narrow down your topic ideas.​

Media Smarts Login
Cyber Choices (Grades 3-5)
We have a license for this program and it is available in French.

Please click on the link below to learn how to sign in and sign your class up. 
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(log in with your regular school computer username and password).

eBook Collections

ProQuest - BC Historical Newspapers

BC Historical Newspapers

Teacher Reference Center – A complimentary research database for teachers, Teacher Reference Center (TRC) provides indexing and abstracts for more than 230 peer-reviewed journals.


Choose from tens of thousands of free, educational videos for K to 12.​

Find full length, videos, video clips, teacher guides, student activities and worksheets to go with the videos, music tracks, feature films, sound effects, audio and video speeches, audio books, newsreels, images and articles.

Feature films

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Criterion On-Demand

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Sites for Teachers

Instructions for logging in to TwigTwig offers videos and resources for Science and Math for students aged 11-16. They also offer experiments and support materials to support the videos. For login instructions, please click here.

Twig Science Reporter

Free Science Resources for Teachers.

Tig Tag Science for grades 3-6
 Science lessons for teachers in Grades 3 to 6

For login instructions please click here.

tigtag jr

Grades K-2 Short films and activities, and lessons to go with them.

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Teens 101
(For secondary teachers – topics for students in Grade 8 to10) 

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Text to Speech Options / Accessibility

Text to Speech options for research databases.