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Talking to Kids in Uncertain Times



Supporting a Learning Environment

Visuals for creating a Home Learning Environment

This link above takes you to a document outlining how the visuals can be used to support learning.

The links below the Headings take you to a downloadable copy of the Visual.

For editable copies of the Boardmaker version of the visuals please email Jane.Rondow@sd71.ca.ca 

1. Workspace

 Setting up a workspace at home visual

script with 5 point for setting up a home work space for kids

2. Schedules

Schedule Home Sample

Schedule Home Template

          Schedule Home Blanks_English

        Schedule Home (French)

scehduel ith text and images with times in the day and activities for students to do throughout their day

3. First Then Templates

First Then 2x 2

First Then 4×4

2 squares with first above one and Then above the other

4. Help Scale

Help Scale English

          Help Scale French

5 point scale with 5 levels of support

5. Calm Down Scripts

3 step Clam_Down_script 2x2_

5 step Calm_Down_script 4×4

3 step clam down routine pause, squeeze hands, 5 belly breaths

6. How do we talk about Covid 19?

Social Stories

Pandemics-and-the-Coronavirus – Carol Gray

The-Corona-Virus -The – Autism-Educator

picture of crowd and title My Story About Pandemics and the Coronavirus

Other Supports:

Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertian Times Full Packet

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Resources for the Autism Community