Weekly Plans

Week 1 Grade 3-5Kid doing Math

Week 2 Grade 3-5

Week 3 Grade 3-5

Week 4 Grade 3-5

Week 5 Grade 3-5

Week 1 Grade 6-7

Week 2 Grade 6-7

Week 3 Grade 6-7

Week 4 Grade 6-7

Week 5 Grade 6-7


Youcubed for families

Youcubed for parents

Youcubed for students

Games and Apps

Remote Learning Activities: choose your starting point to begin; one activity per day

Grade 3 RLA                          Grade 4 RLA                    Grade 5 RLA                    Grade 6 RLA                      Grade 7 RLA

Virtual Manipulatives for visually representing thinking

Math Learning Centre

Virtual Manipulatives

Outdoor Family Maths

Patterns in Nature

Active outdoors

Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Spring Family Math



Math Games

Let’s Play Math – all ages – a great selection here

Mathematical Thinking – fun and games to develop skills and reasoning

Family Resource Guide – stories, activities,games