Community Connections & Sustainability

How does creating a meaningful connection with my self, others and my human and natural community contribute to having a sustainable life? ~ Be the Change Earth Alliance

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VALUES – Does my experience of life improve when I clarify my true values?

Students will learn why it is important to clarify and affirm their values and take time for themselves on a regular basis.  Once the students identify their values, they will then reflect on why these values are important and come up with positive affirmation statements ad supporting action for each.

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NEIGHBOURHOOD–  How does connecting with your neighbourhoods contribute to building sustainable communities?

 Students will learn about the benefits of strong communities, transition towns, and community resiliency.  Through brief interview, students will then learn more about a neighbour with whom they’ve not yet established a connection.



COMMUNITY CONNECTION & SUSTAINABILTYHow does engaging in and getting to know your urban community help build resilience and an optimistic future?

Students will be exposed to different aspects of their community and evaluate their value to them personally and through the lens of others.  Students will then have the opportunity to weigh what is important to them in their community and how they can improve the shared space for a more sustainable future.

Step by Step resource & lessons to help explore your community with a sustainable lens

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NATURE CONNECTION How does developing a stronger connection with the natural world help create personal resilience to address climate change and global sustainability?

Students will learn about deep and shallow ecology, benefits of natural space, the Gaia Hypothesis and Biophillia.  Students will then spend some time in a quiet spot outdoors to connect with nature, during this time, they will reflect and record on what they hear, feel and experience.

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