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Podcast of the Week : Pocahontas

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From Curio: How do you dismantle the colonial myth of POCAHONTAS? Disney’s portrait of the Indian Princess has been indelibly pressed into young minds: she is naïve and noble, sexualized, innocent, and in need of a white saviour to win her heart. In reality, Indigenous women have always played strong and valued roles in their communities, leading by will and courage. Western society has created the archetype of the Good Indian, frozen in time, smiling and helpful. Together, we will decolonize this stereotype and examine portrayals of Indigenous people in Hollywood and beyond.

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Take advantage of the public library! Cards are free and you have access to all sorts of books, curated information, videos, databases, music and more. This week, check out the banner for Black History Month.

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Jan 30-Feb 3


International Day Against Racial Discrimination


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Featured Books

Waking Romeo

Cover of Waking Romeo book

Star-crossed lovers get a science-fiction spin in this time-travel tale. It’s 2083, and having survived her attempted-suicide-by-knife, 18-year-old Juliet “Jules” Capulet is surly and scarred, unromantic but still reckless, while Romeo Montague remains in a coma. She and the other Settlers are squatting in a ruined London while the rest of humanity became Travelers, using pods to escape to the future.

Queen of the Tiles

Front cover of Queen of the Tiles book

A year after watching her vibrant best friend, Trina, keel over dead at a Scrabble tournament, Najwa has returned to the scene to claim the title Trina left behind—Queen of the Tiles. Beset by anxiety since the tragedy, Najwa knows this weekend-long tournament will be triggering, but she has no idea how much Trina will still be a part of the proceedings.

Ain’t Burned All The Bright

Front cover of Ain't Burned All The Bright book

Reynolds and Griffin’s searing indictment of the status quo is expressed in the voice of a young, unnamed Black man, whose timely comments resonate beyond the personal to the universal. Divided into three parts called “Breaths.”


Your Corner Dark

Cover of Your Corner Dark book

Seventeen-year-old Frankie Green yearns to leave Jamaica and study in the United States, but when his father is shot he is forced to give up his scholarship and join his uncle Joe’s gang


Cover of Blackout book

Allie awakens in a small town Canadian hospital with zero recollection of how she got there or even who she is. Receiving a guided tour of her life, she must surmise exactly what sort of person she might have been before. The more she studies photos and how people interact with her, the bigger the hint that she really wasn’t a nice person.