website button multimedia iconGrade 4 Digital Literacy – Word Multimedia Tools

Key Learning Objectives

  • Explore how to use Microsoft Word to create and deliver multimedia presentations, such as adding images, audio, and video in a variety of formats.

Grade 4 Tech Skills

  • Use a camera on hand-held devices to take pictures and videos.
  • Create a multimedia presentation using text, visuals and audio to present research or convey an idea.
  • Add a working hyperlink to a multimedia presentation.
  • Use basic drawing tools including pencil, text, paint brush, shape, line, undo, redo and eraser.
  • Use text tool to add text features to artwork.

word multimedia image header

Steps to Complete

Part One:  Review Word; Review Class Netiquette Goals
(20 minutes)

  1. Access Word using the Interacting with Word Icons
  2. Review the Word interface.
  3. Access the list of Class Netiquette Goals the class generated during the “Safe Online Chat” lesson.  Review this list.

Part Two:  Class Netiquette Poser
(45-60 minutes)

  1. Use the “Word Multimedia-Create Class Netiquette poster teacher outline to complete this activity.  It can be done individually or with partners.  Students can even “share” and collaborate on the same document.
  2. Posters can either be printed (no video inserted) or presented (video inserted).