Desmos Desmos

This is a graphing calculator. Instantly plot any equation, from lines and parabolas up through derivatives and Fourier series.  It’s intuitive, beautiful math. There are also some great lessons here.

*Needs informed consent if registering students

iPad, Android, Windows PC, Web Based

The Math Learning Centre The Math Learning Center

These apps are designed to help students learn Math skills like working with time, counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, place value, fractions, geometry and more.

iPad, Android, Web Based

Geogebra Geogebra Graphing and Scientific Calculator

Free online math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more. These are mostly high school level. Browser based but can download.

iPad, Android, Browser Based

Microsoft Maths Solver Microsoft Maths Solver

Put in your Math question to get step by stp instructions, video help, practice and a graph.

iPad, Android, Web Based

ModMath app logo Mod Math

ModMath is an adaptive program to assist students who struggle with Mathematical notation. The app lets you write and solve math problems right onto the touch screen of an iPad using the custom keypad, and you can print, email, or save.


Illuminations Illuminations

This browser-based site contains manipulatives, lessons and practice site for teachers and students to use.  Covers a wide range of topics from Algebra to Pythagorean Review.

Web Based