app icon for Starfall learn to read, a waving rat Starfall Learn to Read

Numerous vowel sounds. Students  master sounds-spelling through activities, movies, and songs.


Web Based

grid with 13 activity options Phonics and Stuff

Free web based resources that will work on computers and iPads. Lots of activities Word  Mapping, Sound Wall, sound blending, Spelling, Decodables, Read Alongs and Teaching Tools  and more…

Web Based 

Will word on iPad in Safari (can be added to iPad home screen)


Word Study Bundle

Alphabet sounds and words: great for phonological work

Short vowels Word Study

Long Vowels Word Study

This Reading Mama


Heggerty Videos

Phonological Awareness activities and letters and sounds videos.

Scroll down to mid page.  Cost $40-80

There are many free endorsed videos of the Heggerty lessons on YouTube.

Web Based