Can be used for word reading, picture-letter association, vocabulary, and spelling.

Pro Version for creation                Lite version for student use



Action Words

This app focused on helping kids learn new action words using photographs.


Frist Phrases app icon bear, mouse cat picture with the word First Phrases  First Phrases Lite/ Full 

Helps move a child from single words to 2 and 3 word combinations, using colorful and engaging videos and picture icons.


icon for Fun with directions app monkey with the word fun

Fun with Directions! Lite/ Full

Student follow directions and make things happen (open the doors, push the buttons, move objects, color, erase and more!)


Picture the sentence icon Picture the Sentence Lite/ Full

Students learn to associate meaning with words by visualizing the sequence of words in a sentence. Helpful for students working on receptive language and auditory processing.


Fun with verbs and Sentences app icon

Fun with Verbs & Sentences Lite/ Full

Students learn how to put words together and create unique sentences, focusing on early verbs in present and past tense, as well as he/she pronouns.


app icon for kids learn photo touch concepts

Bitsboard Pro

Can be used for word reading, picture-letter association and spelling.

Pro Version for educator creation