Immersive Reader

Reading support Feature built into many of the Office 365 applications. Found under the View Tab. Also found on the Edge Brower and in many other tools (Minecraft, Wonderopolis, Flip Grid…) Provides focused reading view, line focus, text to speech, picture dictionary and translation tools. Can use downloaded ARCBC books .doc and .docx formats.

iPad, Web Based, Windows PC

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Microsoft Lens

Age: All

Microsoft Lens trims, enhances and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. Microsoft Lens can convert images to editable Word and PowerPoint files too. Bring files into Immersive Reader to provide text enhancement options and text to speech.

iPad, Android

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Read & Write

Age: All

A powerful keyboard replacement that works in every app. Supporting reading, writing, comprehension and vocabulary development, Read&Write provides a rich set of features which extend accessibility and provide a range of tools to help with literacy.

District wide subscription (Free in SD71)

iPad, Android, Browser Based (Chrome and Edge), Windows

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Chrome and Edge extension that supports reading of PDF documents and Etext files. Can use downloaded ARCBC books PDF format.

District wide subscription (Free in SD71)

Web Based

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Voice Dream Reader

EText Reader with Text to Speech, Font and style options. Can add bookmarks, highlighters and notes. Supports 27 languages. Can use downloaded ARCBC books.

Paid App, VPP option

iPad, Android,

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