Curriculum Visual Supports and Tools

Below you will find a Thumbnail of the Resource and Description/ How to use and underneath this area you will find the corresponding resource templates and examples.

There are 2, sometimes 3, file types to choose from;

  1. PDF – can’t be edited
  2. Boardmaker (bm) – can be edited, but you need to have access to the Board Maker program
  3. Word – can be edited
Thumbnail Description / How to use
Reading windows 
Use low tech helps student focus on the text through the window. Print on coloured card stock, cut out the window, laminate so there is a clear area for the student to see the text through. 
You can use a coloured transparency in the window instead of clear laminating film. Use coloured page tabs from an office supply store Poly Project Pockets

For a reading window on a computer try:
VuBar (on all SD71 computers and laptops) 
Read&Write Screen Masking Tool
Thumbnail Description/ How to Use
Coloured Overlays 
Use coloured transparency overlays on text pages of books. Cut them into a manageable sizes.Purchase coloured page pockets from an office supply store
For Coloured screens on computers try:
SSOverlay (on all SD71 computers and laptops) 
For Coloured Screens on the iPads try:
Changing your Display Accommodations (iOS 11 and up)
Settings > General > Display Accommodations > Color Filters
Thumbnail Description/ How to Use
We Thinkers Deskstrip 
Thumbnail Description/ How to use
WE Thinker Board Visuals 
Thumbnail Descriptions/ How to use
WE Thinker Visually Supported Stories 
Thumbnail Descriptions/ How to use
Promoting Independent Work

Use a checklist (visual) for the tasks to be completed. Put in a 2 sided folder with pockets and have work/ tasks in the folder or in bins with a matching visual.


Thumbnail Descriptions/ How to use
Various Visually Supported Stories 
See title options below
In Comox Valley Schools/ SD71 for Social Stories by Carol Gray please email Luisa Pereira

These resources are under REVISION

Website with Social Stories Social Stories 4 Kids

Comox Valley Inclusive Education has collections of social stories please contact to get a list of what we have. We have a bunch loaded on our Inclusive Education Curriculum Resources TEAMS site.

Thumbnail Description/ How to Use
Phone number matching board
Description/ How to use
Writing prompts
from Cindy Blackmore 
Large (Teacher Board) individual icons
Student desk strip version
Description/ How to Use
Home School Letters
Have students transfer completed visual schedule pictures to a home school template. Photo copy the completed Home School Letter at the end of the day to take home to share with the family.  
Font in MS Word in SD71 Sample of Guided, Arrow, Dotted, School Box and Open Dyslexic fonts available in MS Word in SD71
Fonts Best Options to use for Processing Text
– Have students select from the Suggested Font Choices and change the text to what works best for their brain/ processing
Thumbnails Description/ How to use
Visually Supported Recipes 
Use these visually supported recipes in Life Skills Classes, Home Ec, Cooking to support students who benefit from picture supports and prompts.
Cheese and Mushroom Omelet
French Toast
Soup and Salad
Thumbnail Description/ How to use
Building Citizenship Poster
Post and review with class or as a whole school guide to being a good citizen. Individual sections can be used or the whole poster can be used. Review the guidelines with students and discuss what the examples look, sound and feel life.
Original Poster was created for Cumberland Community School in the Comox Valley School District SD71
Entire Poster Building Citizenship Poster 
Individual sections
Self Control
Thumbnail Description/ How to use
Name Spelling Template
Type the student’s name and add their picture. Cut up the individual letters and have the student match the letters of their name to the name model.
This can be done for other key words or spelling practice.