Motor Skills

Important Information:

  • Learning essential motor skills is an important part of becoming a healthy and independent child, youth, and adult.
  • Almost everyone has challenges when it comes to learning some motor skills. If your child is having trouble learning to do something, here are some things to consider:
    • Your child will be more willing to practice when they feel safe and positive about what they’re doing.
    • Find out what your child wants to learn. Being motivated makes it much easier to succeed, and this will boost your child’s confidence the next time something is hard.
    • Every child learns at their own pace, so don’t compare your child to others. Motor challenges are only a problem if they stop your child from participating in what they want or need to do.
    • Although your child may need lots of repetition, they don’t need constant feedback. Comment when they are seeking input, becoming frustrated, or doing something spectacular!
  • There are lots of different strategies that can help when your child is having trouble learning motor skills.

Tip Sheets, Strategies and Resources:

MATCH is a strategy developed for kids who have developmental coordination disorder (DCD). However, the strategies are helpful for anyone struggling with a motor task.

MATCH stands for:

M – Modify the task

A – Alter your expectations

T – Teach strategies

C – Change the environment

H – Help by understanding

Here are grade specific MATCH handouts describing typical problems and strategies to try:

Tip sheet: Supports for Printing PDF

Fine Motor Warm Up Activities Nov 2020

Printing Like a Pro! for Parents and Caregivers

Tip sheet: Learning to Type 


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Printing Like a Pro Resources 

For Further Information or Support:

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