Gifted Learning Strategies

Tips for Parents:

    • Be attentive to your child’s comments and observations.
    • Create an environment that promotes self-expression.
    • Help to develop personal skills and interests.
    • Encourage the exploration of diverse cultures.
    • Promote exploration and discovery.
    • Emphasize effort and progress rather than perfection.
    • Show your child how errors can be opportunities to discover and learn.
    • Model positive ways to address setbacks and solve problems.
    • Help your child understand and regulate emotional reactions.
    • Promote a healthy lifestyle.
    • Demonstrate how to serve your community.
    • Click on this link for more information: Helping your Gifted Child Succeed

Tips for Teachers:

Differentiate content, process, product, learning environment and assessment.

    • Content– Provide in-depth learning with a wide scope. Increase the abstractness and complexity of subjects. Provide opportunities for enrichment, extensions, extracurricular and student self-selected content.
    • Process– Adjust for pacing and rate. Provide opportunities to compact, telescope or accelerate content. Allow students to move quickly through content and provide advanced material.
    • Products– Provide for diversity and differentiation in creation and presentation of products. Allow students to pursue independent projects based on their own individual interests.
    • Environments- Provide stimulation by allowing mobility and flexibility in the classroom. Allow opportunities for students to interact socially and academically with peers of similar abilities.
    • Assessment- Engage gifted students in decision-making process. Allow students to assume ownership of their own learning.
    • Click on this link for more information: Possibilities for Learning


Mensa Canada has a list of parent resources for supporting gifted learners.

Visit the Gifted Children’s Association website for support with navigating the unique developmental journey of gifted children.

Children might enjoy visiting the Mensa For Kids website.

SAGE-BC is dedicated to supporting gifted learners and their teachers in British Columbia.

The Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page, is a great source for the all-things-gifted. you will find that it is full of resources, articles, books and links to help and support parents, teachers, and gifted children alike.  

For Further Information or Support:

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