Read&Write for Chrome (Online)

Intro to Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Chrome (Online) with  SD71 Subscription

Chrome web browser, websites, Office 365, and D2L Brightspace

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MUST log in with SD71 Microsoft Account

Student = username (Password that the student uses to login to computers)

Staff = (Password that staff uses to login to computers)



Read&Write Chrome Toolbar Poster

Read&Write Google Chrome use in O365 Toolbar Diagram


RW4GC in Office 365 Key Tools for Specific Needs K-12

RW4GC Key Tools for Specific Needs K-12

Read&Write for Google Chrome in Office 365 Quick Reference Guide

[French] Read_Write-for-Google-Chrome-in-Office-365-Quick-Reference-Guide

Read&Write Chrome Login poster

Read&Write Student Login

Read&Write – Picture Dictionary in English

Read&Write – Picture Dictionary in French

Read&Write – Word Prediction in English

Read&Write – Word Prediction in French

ReadWrite-Chrome-Changing-Language-settings-Feb 2023

Troubleshooting tips for Read&Write Feb 2023

RW Checklist with visuals Dogo News

Read&Write Screenshot Reader French Reading A to Z (video on 2nd slide)


Read&Write for Google Chrome and Office 365 (an SD71 and SETBC collaboration)

Read&Write Chrome O365 Resources – Texthelp

TextHelp Training Portal – Read&Write

Switching language in Read&Write Chrome to French 


Read&Write for Google Chrome  – Word Online Overview

Read&Write Overview (in French) by Amelia Bird from Texthelp

Using Screenshot Reader Tool in Read&Write Chrome on a Word Document

Series of Videos on the SETBC website co-created by SD71 and SETBC

Using Read&Write for Chrome at home or on BYOD devices with SD71 account:

If you would like to install Read&Write for Google Chrome at home or on BYOD computers:

1. Make sure you have Google Chrome Browser loaded. ​

2. Go to the Chrome web store and install the Read&Write Extension 

3. Once the above steps are complete. Open Read&Write by clicking on the Read&Write rw purple puzzle piece in the Chrome extensions area. Select Sign in with Microsoft and Log in with your SD71 email.  

4. To use other Read&Write extensions consider installing the Screenshot Reader and OrbitNote extensions