District Bikes

District Bike Booking Process:


  • Record how many of your students will need access to borrow the district bikes – we encourage your students to use their own bikes to honor parents investment.
  • Communicate with others on staff to optimize the bikes booking with other classes.
  • Please limit your bookings to max two week intervals

STEP 2  

  • Book bikes using the calendar icon on the right hand side of this page


  • Bikes are delivered on Mondays and picked up Fridays. 
  • Plan to have access to the bikes from Tuesday-Thursdays.
  • The PINK bike trailer key, will be left at the front desk of your school. 
  • There are 3 locks on the trailer, the one key will open all the locks.
  • Please secure and lock all doors at the end of each day.
  • Please mount the yellow wheel lock for overnight security-directions are in the blue tool box.
  • Flag any bikes that need maintenance with pick flagging tape and record issue on flag with black sharpies, both found in the trailer tool kit. Contact Serina Allison about any concerns asap – serina.allison@sd71.bc.ca

If you have any questions please contact Serina Allison – serina.allison@sd71.bc.ca

What’s in the Trailer?




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What’s in the trailer?

Bikes – on & off trail

  • x10 24″ wheel –  ages 8-11 years
  • x7 26″ wheel –  ages 9-15 years


  • x 9 small
  • x 10 medium
  • Cleaning solution

Skill development equipment

  • x4 teeter totters sml/Lg
  • x4 ramps sml/Lg
  • x2 bridge planks
  • x3 ride over bars
  • x60 cones flat & triangular
  • x3 large ropes

Safety & bike maintenance equipment:

  • x30 youth high vis vests
  • x6 adult safety vests
  • x2 tire bike pumps
  • bike adjustment tool kit

Adaptive Equipment

  • x2 sets of youth size “Fat Wheels” supportive tire wheels

Lesson & Videos

How to Fit a Bike Helmet – Video

Bike-Lesson 1 – Intro to bike handling skills

Bike Lesson 2 – Advanced bike handling skills

Day 3 biking lesson- Intro to road riding (under development)

Day 4 biking lesson- Advanced road riding (under development

Straight Line

Tight Circle

Hill Climb & Gear Change

Hill Climb-2 & Gear Change

A-Frame Ramp

Teeter-Totter Ramp

Community Support & Cycling Resources

Comox Valley Cycling Coalition

Please contact the CVCCo directly if you need extra help for your off site road rides and field trips.

Gravity Mountain Biking

Build on biking skills with support from Gravity Mountain Biking.  Call or email directly to find out more information on how they can support your school program.  GMB is happy to meet and support your biking program off site too!  

HUB-Cycling Connection- Learn2Ride

Register your students or work through the program as a class for free.  Comprehensive age appropriate resources to guide you through all elements of a school cycling program.  Choose what works best for you and your class.