Welcome to Kindergarten

As part of the transition to Kindergarten for your child, our district participates in the Welcome to Kindergarten program sponsored by the Learning Partnership. Once you register with a school, you will shortly receive an invitation to a Welcome to Kindergarten event at the school in the spring.  At this event, a bag of materials is provided for each Kindergarten child that will be familiar items at school–magnetic numbers and letters, books, scissors, and more. The purpose of the bag is to give you suggestions for how you can Talk, Read, Create and Play, with your child everyday.

There is also an excellent online cookbook, and a collection of fun songs to sing and get you moving! Check out the link here. (Links for families are near the bottom of the page–you do not need to register with the Learning Partnership to access them.)

Many more great ideas can be found here for you in these videos and on the WTK early learning resources page: https://www.thelearningpartnership.ca/programs/welcome-to-kindergarten/early-learning-resources

WTK Learning Through Play Vol 1 Issue 1 As part of the Welcome to Kindergarten program, this newsletter provides you with ideas and activities to engage with the materials in your child’s Welcome to Kindergarten bag even after Kindergarten is underway!

This booklet, When I go to Kindergarten, is one of the items in the Welcome to Kindergarten bag your child receives at your school event. It was created by the Ministry of Education Early Learning team and is intended to be something you do together, celebrating the special person your child is!

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