Deadline Extended to November 27th!

Welcome to the Comox Valley School District’s first Minecraft Build Challenge!

Your challenge is to build a new public space for the Comox Valley community.  You can build this as a park, a plaza, a sidewalk, a nature house an outside learning space for your school…let your imagination run wild.  It should be a place that brings community members together.

How do I enter?

  1. If you don’t already have it, you can download Minecraft Education Edition from here:
  2. You log in to Minecraft the same way that you log in to Office 365 at home. Your username is your email address: your (if you don’t know your student number you can ask your teacher). Use the same password that you use at school (if you do not know this you should be able to ask your teacher).
  3. You can click Play and then click on Biomes and Worlds to pick the biome that you would like to build your place in. It is easy to start in a “Blocks of Grass” biome and build everything you need yourself but you can choose your biome (remember-it is supposed to be the Comox Valley).You will likely wish to do some research about what makes a good community space. Here are some resources to help you with this:
  4. When you are finished you will need to send in a one minute video walkthrough of your world explaining your build and all the great features that you have created. If you are using a computer you can do this using Flipgrid.  If you are using an ipad or iphone you can send in a screencast. The join code for Flipgrid is sd71minecraft

You can find instructions for how to create a Screencast in Flipgrid here:

You can find instructions for how to screencast on an ipad here:

Can we work on this in teams at home?

Yes, absolutely! While you can’t be in the same world at the same time in different houses with Minecraft Education Edition, you can build and pass. Here are some instructions for build and pass:

How to import and export your worlds