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Creating a theme park in Minecraft that would be located in the Comox Valley is a fun and creative project that can showcase your skills and imagination. Here are some possible steps that you can follow to make your theme park:

Step 1:

Choose a suitable location for your theme park. You can use the map of the Comox Valley to find a place that has enough space, terrain, and scenery for your theme park. For example, you can choose a spot near the ocean, a lake, a mountain, or a forest. You can also get some ideas from the attractions and landmarks in the Comox Valley, or Miracle Beach Provincial Park.

Step 2:

Plan the layout and design of your theme park. You can use paper, pencil, or a digital tool to sketch out the shape and size of your theme park, the entrance and exit points, the paths and roads, the zones and areas, and the rides and attractions.

You can look for these lessons in the Minecraft Library or at

Click here for a lesson plan:  Minecraft: How To Make an Amusement Park!  

Coaster-vation of Energy

Windows 10 Anniversary – this is just a huge roller coaster to try out

Step 3:

Learn how to use different blocks, items, and entities to create different features and effects for your theme park. For example, you can use redstone, pistons, rails, minecarts, dispensers, fireworks, armor stands, banners, signs, paintings, maps, etc.

Step 4:

Start building your theme park according to your plan and design. You can keep it simple with rails and rail cars which move when you press W or more advanced users can use different tools and techniques to make your building process easier and faster. For example, you can use commands, command blocks, structure blocks, world edit, etc. You can also use your own creativity and imagination to add unique and original touches to your theme park.

Look in the Minecraft Library for Inspiration Island. It is a great world to play in and learn redstone.

Step 5:

Create you 3 minute walkthrough using Flip.

You can find instructions for how to create a Screencast in Flip here.

You can find instructions for how to screencast on an ipad here.

Have fun and good luck!

LRC Kits, Books and Resources:

To get the list of LRC Resources to help you teach these themes, log into Destiny then click on Resource Lists and scroll down to “LRC Minecraft Themes 2022 2023″LRC Resources picture