School-Based Services

Learning Support Teachers

Specialist teachers work in each school to support the teaching and learning of all students.  They work alongside classroom teachers to coordinate adaptations and interventions to the full range of students with learning and/or behavioural needs.  Their role includes:

  • Assisting teachers in providing adaptations and accommodations in the classroom setting
  • Assisting classroom teachers in assessing learning, including standardized achievement testing
  • Facilitating the implementation of curriculum for students with special learning needs
  • Supporting educational assistants with developing materials and skills to differentiate instruction
  • Providing direct instruction to students in whole class, small-group, and individual settings
  • Developing IEPS and Learning Plans to support student learning.

School Counselors

Each school has a counselor who provides consultation and counseling services for students with academic, social, emotional, behavioural or mental health concerns.  Their primary goal is to help students experience success in the school setting.  Where more intensive, ongoing therapy is required by a student, our counselors facilitate referrals to outside counseling agencies and other specialist personnel. At the secondary schools, counselors also provide support with educational planning and career counselling.

Educational Assistants

Educational Assistants (EAs) work under the direction of a Learning Support or classroom teacher to support the curriculum differentiation for individual and small groups of learners.  Some EAs have additional training and skills in the areas such as:  autism, behaviour, or sign language.

EAs are assigned to schools at the beginning of each school year, based on the type and level of support required by the learners in the school.