Multimedia and Presentation:

I can… 4 5 6 7


Use a camera on a hand-held devices to take pictures and videos P P P P 100 Ways to Use Digital Cameras
Save images in multiple formats. E E D D
Record, edit and publish media D D D P Play Video ButtonIntroduction to Image Editing and Altering Images (pptx)

Play Video Button Six Step Overview of How to Create Multimedia Videos on a Computer (pptx)


Lesson Plans for iMovie from Common Sense

Play Video ButtonHow to make Movie Trailers with iMovie

Play Video ButtonHow to make Movies with iMovie

Digital Book Trailer Rubric

Microsoft Sway:

Getting Started with Sway​

Setting up your Page in Sway​​

Creating Content in Sway​

Grouping your Cards



Coding Quest – Learning Partnership – Full lesson plans (sign up for it)

Create a multimedia presentation using text, visuals and audio to present research or covey an idea (imovie. Book creator, Sway, Powerpoint…) D D P P
Add a working hyperlink to a multimedia presentation. D D D P How to add Hyperlinks in PowerPoint
Use graphic organizers, brainstorming applications, or other digital tools to gather and organize information. (Popplet, OneNote,morning calendar) D D P P Learn How to Create Mind Maps in Word

Play Video ButtonHow to Create mindmaps and Brainstorm in MS Word (simple easy way)

Getting Started: All About Popples   (Popplet)

Popplet Instruction Booklet

Use basic drawing tools including pencil, text, paint brush, shape, line, undo, redo and eraser. D D P P Play Video Button How to Use Paint 3D
Use text tool to add text features to artwork. D D P P
E = Emerging   D= Developing    P= Proficient   (O=optional) 4 5 6 7 Return to Technology Skills by Grade

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