Supports for School Start Up

7 Activities for Friendship in Challenging Times      Fabulous resource filled with games and engaging activities for re-establishing community

Kid’s Games for Social Distancing  Each of the games included allow for proper distancing and don’t require any shared equipment. Games are organized by age group and spaces where they can be played. Links will take you to online game rules, a downloadable pdf, and a video which explain how to set-up, play, and modify each game.

Social Story for Social Distancing

Wonder Writes : Connecting to Others

Thoughtful links to support children at home:

Speech-Language Pathology at home.

Have fun with Ms. Aryn talking about our thoughts and feelings while we bake! Featuring: Bunbun and Donut, the bunny duo! Episode 1

Printable Thought Bubble

Banana Bread Muffin Recipe

Speech-Language Pathology at home.

Have fun with Ms. Aryn thinking of plans to deal with her ‘big feelings’!

Featuring: Bunbun and Donut, the bunny duo! Episode 2

Here’s a link to a ‘big feeling toolbox‘ activity to help children make a plan to deal with ‘big feelings’.

Speech-Language Pathology at home.

Have fun with Ms. Aryn thinking about how to include others in her ‘play plan’! Featuring: Bunbun and Donut, the bunny duo! Episode 3

A printable Play Plans thinking page

For children to flourish socially and emotionally, we need to educate both the heart and the mind. Find resources for families and educators at Heart-Mind Online.

Example of what can be found here ~

7 Activities for Friendship in Challenging Times

Making Stillness Matter

Communicating Effectively for Home Learning 

Connecting to Feelings

Madalena Moniz wrote a book through the alphabet of feelings. She did not hold back in choosing rich vocabulary not usually associated with ABC books for young children.

Play with a thesaurus today and others in your home.

Wonder what emotions & feelings words would you include in your wonder write.

I wonder if there are 26 words to describe my feelings today?

When you Are Brave by Pat Zietlow Miller

Our worries and our wonders are connected. After you listen to the story When you are Brave, consider yourself and your wonders. List things that concern or worry you. When do you know you need to be brave? How do you know that you are brave?

The Don’t Worry Book by Todd Parr

Sometimes I’m Scared When by Todd Parr

I wonder what worries I could write about? How do I face my worries?

You don’t have to own binoculars and know a bunch of fancy Latin names to watch birds! No matter where you live, they’re in your neighborhood just look up.

I wonder what I have around the house to help me bird watch?

What do you notice? What do you wonder? When you are out on a backyard bird watch. Where will you record your wonders? How might you draw your ‘notices’?

Look up in wonder and record your observations.

Returning to this favourite picture book: Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt

What do you notice about Scaredy Squirrel this time you listen to the story? Picture book authors share many character feelings through words and illustrations. Choose an emojii and develop a wonder write around it.

What Matters by Alison Hughes This beautiful book is available through Follett Destiny on sd71 website in ebook format.

Wondering: How can one tin can affect so much?

Noticing: What are the effects of paying attention to one small thing?

A feeling of mattering is so very important. We matter to others and are there ways we can let others know they matter to us. I wonder how we might show our care for others today…

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ~ Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development has gathered a collection of helpful SEL resource links for educators, parents/caregivers and learners. Essential SEL Resources: Covid 19.

University of British Columbia offers a collection of SEL resources for educators and other adults who work with children and youth. Social & Emotional Resource Finder.

The Kindness School Foundation currently offers children and families a free Kindness Calendar which includes one activity per day, one theme per week and links to relevant websites. Kindness Calendar