​Please note the information below in regards to setting up your personal iPhone/iPad, Android cell phone/tablet, or Windows Phone for email access in Office 365.
  1. ​Go to Settings/Options
  2. Delete your old Exchange Account (if one currently exists for the School District)
  3. Choose Exchange Email Account to create a new account
  4. Insert your email address (e.g. first.last@sd71.bc.ca) and your password
  5. Choose Return/Next
  6. If it fails to connect, choose advanced settings and insert:
    1. ​Your email address
    2. The Mail Server of: outlook.office365.com
    3. Ignore the Domain Field
    4. ​The Username of: first name.last name (a dot between first and last)  e.g. ken.matieshen
  7. Choose Return/Next to have your phone connect to email
  8. If this fails again to connect, older IPhone and Android phones will need the following inserted in the User Name Field: sd71\first name.last name (e.g. sd71\john.doe)