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  1. How to support students with special needs using technology?
  2. How would developing a writing continuum improve student learning?


Student Engagement Through Community Building

We began this PLC process by engaging our entire staff in creating a sense of belonging with our PLC framework. Through the use of PLC Protocols we developed a number of initiatives aimed at increasing student engagement. Our PLC conversations clearly articulated that the engagement levels of our students needed to be addressed. Since that time our PLC team has developed the following initiatives:
• I CAN projects-framework (feel, imagine, do, share)
Which links to…
• Reggio Inspired (student centered)
which links to
• Project Based learning
• Use of literature as a spring-board for
• Use of writing, art to share
• Creating classroom culture and school culture (by sharing)

Will the use of a Writing Continuum in K-6 for Self-Assessment Improve Student Writing?

Our teachers have been collaborating around the effect of using a K-6 writing continuum to
assist students to better self-assess their own writing. As a result of this PLC initative we have implemented the following:
• Carol Walters has led our PLC team in the use of literature based lessons to create the
conditions and create the culture for mindful self-assessment in writing from
Kindergarten to Grade 6.
• Kara Dawson has been working with some classes to use technology to enhance writing

Describe in relation to the work of the PLC teams in your building, how this work is having a real life impact on student achievement.

As a school we are moving collectively toward increasing student engagement. The use of
meaningful, real world initiative such as, “I Can” is increasing a positive energy within our school and that energy has provided a good springboard for creating connections to reading, writing and numeracy.