Personal & Sexual Health Resources – Elementary

Websites for Grade 6 and 7 children

Part of the grade 6 and 7 Physical and Health Education curriculum educates about the damage and dangers of sharing intimate images (sexting), and the accessing of sexually explicit online material (online pornography).  In speaking with our children about the places we do not want them to be on the Internet, we must balance that with safe places for them to learn about their changing bodies and possible emerging relationships.  That is, we do not want them using online pornography as sex education.  Below are some websites appropriate for late elementary school that offers accurate information about sex, reproduction and sexuality.  These sites address many of the questions grade 6 and 7 students have.  Some sites are more edgy than others, so it is recommended parents preview them first.  Being brave is critical here.  Appreciate; anything on these sites is far milder than the content waiting for our children to discover on online pornography sites.