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Learning resources to support you at home

Check out these websites for great learning opportunities!


Our district uses Microsoft Teams to connect. Use this link to bring you to tips and helpful links for using Teams.



Share your learning with this fun video tool. Check with your teacher if this is how they would like you to communicate your learning.

Check out these step-by-step instructions for getting started!

Also check out these helpful tips from the district.



Reading and Stories

Explore the world of books and reading with these great sites!


Destiny Library Catalogue 

Our school has a comprehensive catalogue of digital books available to you. We have ebooks – books you can read online and audiobooks – books you can listen to. 

Students have access to our online digital library catalogue from home. Select your school from the list of schools, sign in and search for ebooks and audiobooks!

REMEMBER your student login information!

login: student number (ie: 1234567)

password: first initial last initial last four digits of student number (ac4567)

How to access Destiny Library Catalogue

How to access Resource Databases 




​Sora is a reading and listening app that our school district has access to. Students can access a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks and ‘borrow’ them just like an online library! Use Sora to borrow books for your iPad, laptop, phone or computer!

​Sora is safe for you to use. You can download the Sora app so you can access it directly from your learning device.

Need help getting started? Check out this instructional video!


Storyline Online

Check out these great storytelling videos! No need to login or create an account. Just click and listen!


Numeracy and Technology

Mathletics will keep you going with fun and interactive math activities just at your learning level!

Primediate students check in with your teacher for login information.

Intermediate students have login information in their class planners. 


Minecraft Education

This site will keep you creating and learning! Make sure to login to Minecraft Edu, so you can connect with your classmates and show your teacher your amazing creations!




Get moving!

Move your body with Go Noodle! You do not need to login to access these fun mindfulness and movement activities. Just click on a fun picture and go ahead!

Dance along with this zany duo! Koo Koo Kangaroo will get your body going with their catchy songs with fun actions. You do not need to login to this site to access all their fun videos!

This fun youtube page will keep your body in moving doing themed yoga stories.




Research Skills

Inquiry and research are an important part of learning. Use these sheets to get you going!

Use this handy page to help you walk through the research process – how to find a good research question, how to search quality sites and how to judge a good webpage.

Online Research Skills – Navigate gr 78 (1)


Database Search, Database Search Icon, Data Search

Research Databases

Our district has access to some amazing databases full of trustworthy information. There are great links here for Reading, Research, Magazines and more!

Here are detailed instructions for how to access and navigate the Research Databases.

REMEMBER: The Research Databases are password protected. Check out this link for your school passwords. Or contact your teacher or teacher librarian for passwords.



Everyday Learning Activities

Simple activities you can do at home together to support learning


  • Read together
    • Make it fun by using voices for characters!

    • Talk about the story, make predictions and make up playful alternative endings

    • Take turns reading a harder book

  • Talk about books or favourite stories

  • Make up fun book reviews and act them out to each other

  • Write a letter to your future self, explain what is happening in the world

  • Make something following the instructions in the manual or from the recipe



  • Measure, count and record often
    • Recipe ingredients

    • Look up distances of walks using googlemaps or other simple

    • Set up start and finish lines with sidewalk chalk and time the races

    • Research paper airplane designs and see which fly the farthest

  • Play boardgames and card games

  • Use household objects to design and build structures

    • Make a bridge out of Lego, spaghetti, popsicles sticks

    • Built towers from blocks, paper tubes, Lego

    • Create a fort out of cushions and pillows

    • Build marble mazes out of household objects like yogurt containers or Lego

  • Get crafty! Colour, cut, glue, braid, paint and knot using craft items from around the house



  • Skype, FaceTime or phone a family member or friend

  • Go for a walk together

    • Plan a route together

    • Create a scavenger hunt for another family member



  • Look through family photo albums and discuss past times of positive memories

  • Research a new hobby or skill

  • Make up a dance or draw a picture to go with a favourite song



  • Invite children to participate in creating a daily routine

    • Participate in daily chores together

    • Plan a treat to celebrate successes and achievements

  • Discuss others in your neighbourhood who might need care or support

    • Draw a picture for a neighbour

    • Wave at a neighbour as you drive by



Free play is an important part of learning for kids.

  • Free play can take place indoors and outdoors

  • Let the kids set the agenda for play

  • Play with toys and everyday items like craft materials, recycled items or playdough