We  have 5 kits available. They include a kit of electronics accessories but the microbit can easy be used on its own.

teacher’s guide (SD#71): Micro:bits

Ready, set, go booklet

Micro:bit safety guide

15 Micro:bit experiment kits: 1 micro:bit, micro:bit battery holders, USB micro cables, AAA batteries, solderless half breadboard, Micro:bit breakout, SG92 servo motor, TMP36 temperature sensor, CDS photosensor, jumper wires, male ends, 5mm LEDs (assorted colours), potentiometer, tactile buttons, 100 ohm resistors, 10K ohm resisters, alligator clips, TIP120 Darlington transistor, 1N4007 diode, breadboard friendly slide switch, piezo buzzer, DC motor.